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Compiled by Ray Smith

Better than Bloomfield Street

Under the rules of the Hoboken Housing Authority, guests need to sign in if they wish to visit the property. John Marotta, 50, of Bloomfield Street in Hoboken, allegedly didn’t want to sign in or leave the property when he was there last week.
On Tuesday, Dec. 7, Marotta was approached by police and, according to police, told them, “I don’t care, I don’t live here, and I’m not leaving.”
Police advised him to sign in, according to police. Marotta said he did not care and he was not leaving, according to a report. Police say he then raised his voice on private property, causing the incident to escalate due to his alleged language and tone of voice. Marotta was then placed under arrest for defiant trespassing. Marotta allegedly responded that he didn’t care and would do it again.
He was issued a summons and then released.

Things not to say to a cop: ‘Let’s do it’

An early morning Thanksgiving argument with an officer led to an arrest and charges of assaulting a police officer and criminal mischief for Artem Boyev, 21, of Chatham, N.J., according to a police report.
Police say Boyev was “visibly intoxicated” at approximately 3 a.m. when he asked officers for directions to the Hoboken train station so he could get back to Chatham. The last train from Hoboken was at 1:32 a.m.
Police allege that Boyev began to make “aggressive moves” toward a female who was waiting for her boyfriend to close down a Washington Street establishment. After police advised the female to go inside the store, Boyev allegedly tried to follow her, according to police.
A police officer explained that the restaurant was closed, according to a report. Boyev then allegedly said to the officer, “Let’s do it” and allegedly attacked him.
Police say Boyev allegedly “shoved [the officer] into the windows of the restaurant, causing them to shatter.”
After receiving assistance from bar personnel in the area, police placed the suspect under arrest. Two panes of glass valued at $1,500 each were destroyed, according to the report.

Man arrested after fight

A 28-year-old Hasbrouck Heights man has been charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in the aftermath of a street fight that took place on Thursday, Nov. 25, at approximately 2:30 a.m.
After police broke up the fight near Newark and Washington streets, a rowdy crowd dispersed, but not everybody was willing to quietly walk away, police said. Police said they asked Michael Dozzollinni, 28, to stop yelling and vacate the area. Dozzollinni allegedly continued to yell and scream, causing public inconvenience and alarm to the numerous pedestrians not involved with the altercation.
As police attempted to arrest the Hasbrouck Heights resident, they report that he began to allegedly flail his arms, refusing to be handcuffed. A brief struggle ensued, causing Dozzollinni to fall to the ground, according to police. After being handcuffed, Dozzollinni was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.
Dozzollinni’s brother was allegedly involved in a physical altercation prior to police arrival, according to the police report. The brother had a bloody nose, and wasn’t sure who assaulted him. Police say the brother told the police that three males attacked him, causing him to sustain the bloody nose.

Housing Authority force remains busy

A 19-year-old Pennsylvania man was charged with defiant trespass, hindering apprehension, resisting arrest, and use of CDS (a controlled dangerous substance) after allegedly lying to police early Thanksgiving morning.
Bryan Hansen allegedly first told police that his name was Bryan Marrero while attempting to sign into a Jackson Street housing authority complex without any identification, according to a police report. Hansen said he was at the complex to visit a female resident. But when contacted, she told police Hansen should not be using her address to visit the complex.
Police brought the suspect to headquarters, where it was revealed that his name was Bryan Hansen, not Marrero. While at headquarters, another officer identified Hansen as an individual who allegedly had run from police in an incident on Nov. 24, leading to additional charges.

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