It doesn’t make sense

Dear Editor:
As a long suffering Union City taxpayer I wanted to comment on an article which recently appeared in your newspaper.
With an unemployment rate of 15% in Union City, why is it necessary for us to employ someone with the grandiose title of City Spokesman? It would make more sense for the commissioner in Union City to take turns releasing statements of integrity to our community.
Of course the reality is that we currently have a revenue and finance commissioner in Union City who is our great city’s answer to Nancy Pelosi. This is because they both like to wear expensive clothes and they both like to spend the taxpayers’ money.
In these extremely difficult economic times in Union City, it doesn’t make sense for the city to employ someone who apparently just raised his finger in the air and stated the obvious that, Golly gee wiz our local property taxes have indeed increased again.
One can only hope that in 2011 our municipal officials in Union City will finally get their act together and stop the insanity and bring true fiscal conservatism to our great city.

Tom Regan

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