Hole on Sinatra Drive may get bigger

HOBOKEN – Cracks have formed around the 50 foot long 15 foot wide portion of Sinatra Drive between 12th and 14th streets that collapsed Friday afternoon, and the hole is expected to enlarge, according to a report on NJ.com.
City officials said the county engineer expects more of the roadway to fall in as the tides in the river change. The river is clearly visible beneath collapsed portion, according to the report.
The area has been cordoned off to traffic and according to the Associated Press officials expect repairs to take two to four weeks.
“Hoboken’s City engineer will be involved in the process to ensure that the repairs are completed as expeditiously as possible. The costs of repairs will not be the responsibility of the City of Hoboken,” the city website said.
No-one was injured in the collapse.
NY Waterway ferry service to the 14th street Uptown Terminal was suspended for a time Friday night for fear the wake from the boats might worsen the condition, but service was restored late in the evening.

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