Teens arrested with marijuana, bullet

Police arrested two Hoboken teenagers and a Jersey City teen on Monday after they said two of them allegedly possessed marijuana, and another was allegedly holding a dangerous bullet.
According to a police report, at 9:15 p.m. Monday, three police officers saw three males walk into a “dark alley” behind 315 Eleventh St. Police approached them. They said that two of the males tried to walk away, but were intercepted.
One officer observed Orland Martinez, 18, of Clinton Street, allegedly throw a clear plastic bag to the ground. Police recovered the bag, which contained green vegetation believed to be marijuana. He was arrested, and police found a larger bag that contained 13 smaller bags with green vegetation that he allegedly had in his pants pocket.
He was also found to be in possession of $441 cash.
He was arrested on numerous drug charges, including possession of marijuana with intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school (Wallace Primary School).
Police also searched another teen, Robert Foster, 19, of Oak Street in Jersey City. According to the report, the search yielded a clear bag containing green vegetation. He was charged with possession of 50 grams or under of marijuana.
They then checked the third teen, Bryant Mellando, 18, of Clinton St. An officer noticed him allegedly drop a “small metallic object” to the ground. The officer picked it up. According to the report, it was a “9 mm Winchester Luger armor piercing ammunition round.” He was charged with possession of a “body armor piercing bullet.”
The report noted that the area under the stairs where the men were “was saturated with narcotic paraphernalia that is commonly used to package and smoke marijuana.”

Not a cold case

On Tuesday morning, a restaurant owner told police that his First Street establishment had been broken into. He noticed the side door pushed open that morning and called police.
The owner said that two 12-packs of Heineken and Corona Beer were missing.
Police noticed a partially open bottle in the middle of the floor. They told the owner that he should not touch it, as they might be able to lift fingerprints from it.
Nothing else appeared to be missing.

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