Hoboken hospital: ‘wrong lung’ doctor to be supervised for year

HOBOKEN — Dr. Santusht Perera surgically removed the wrong lung from a patient at Meadowlands Hospital almost a decade ago, according to newspaper reports, and now he’s back in the operating room – this time at the financially troubled Hoboken University Medical Center. Perera was also accused of trying to cover up the surgical missteps.
Hoboken University Medical Center (HUMC) hired Perera back as a surgeon on Jan. 22 after he reportedly finished a six-month suspension and paid an $80,000 fine levied by the state Board of Medical Examiners.
Joan Quigley, vice president of external affairs for HUMC, said Perera will be subject to one year of supervision while working at the hospital.
HUMC CEO Spiros Hatiras told a local daily newspaper that the hospital could have risked a possible lawsuit if they did not reinstate Perera.
LibertyHealth, owners of Jersey City Medical Center and owners of Meadowlands Hospital, reportedly turned down reinstatement for Perera.
They said in a general press release yesterday, “Patient safety is our first concern and we are not about to compromise it.” – TJC

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