Hoboken mayor calls for suspension without pay for police lieutenant

HOBOKEN — Mayor Dawn Zimmer is calling for the suspension without pay of Lt. Angelo Andriani of the Hoboken Police Department pending a Hoboken Police Department Internal Affairs Bureau investigation resulting from an incident involving Lt. Andriani with the Tampa International Airport Police Department on Monday, Jan. 18.
According to a City Hall press release:

Lt. Andriani was [allegedly] involved in a “passenger causing disturbance” according to TSA Supervisor Taylor Johnson.
“Lt. Andriani must be suspended without pay pending the IA investigation,” Mayor Zimmer said. “This type of behavior can not and will not be tolerated and we are taking swift and decisive measures to remedy the actions of this individual.”
Lt. Andriani is currently suspended (with pay) by the City of Hoboken as the result of an alleged incident which occurred approximately two years ago. The incident at the Tampa International Airport is being investigated separately as a violation of administrative policies related to Lt. Andriani’s current suspension.
In light of the recent incident, Mayor Zimmer is also calling on all parties to expedite the process involving the outstanding investigation involving Lt. Andriani. The alleged incident involved the Hoboken SWAT team which was subsequently disbanded. Mayor Zimmer has been and continues to demand a resolution to the outstanding SWAT team investigation. The public has waited long enough for a resolution of this case.

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