To the Stage!

Dear Editor,

On January 8th the Hoboken High School Theatre Alumni presented TO THE STAGE! : ONE NIGHT ONLY. This production was an amazing, one of a kind, musical cabaret featuring the talents of HHS alumni from the classes of 1997 to 2009. The alumni very generously volunteered countless hours to organize and present the event as a fundraiser for the current Hoboken High School Theatre Program. That night, I heard heartfelt testimonies from the alumni about how their experiences in the HHS Theatre Program had profoundly influenced their lives. Most importantly, what they gained was so positive that they were compelled to give back to a program from which they had benefited so greatly. The good things that have come from HHS Theatre Program are far reaching. Although the program has won nearly every major award in the state and garnered numerous scholarships for students as well, it is important that we recognize what else the program has generated. As was made evident on January 8th, we see a whole new group of enthusiastic, generous, responsible and committed young adults from this community to serve as inspiration for our current students. There is an integral connection between what we teach our children and how that transfers into their lives, and then into the lives of their families and into Hoboken.

Paula Ohaus, Director of Theatre Arts in Hoboken’s School District is dedicated to developing a program, “that enhances the individual lives of the students while bringing together our community so that we may embrace our differences while celebrating our common humanity.” It is more than clear that this Theatre Arts program is to be treasured and that it deserves to receive all the support it can get. I encourage everyone to let the Board of Education know of their approval and support for the program and the value of the arts in education to the city of Hoboken.

Thank you to all those who worked to make this show happen and especially the alumni for generously sharing their time and talent with the community. I am looking forward to seeing you all again at the 2011 HHS Theatre Alumni production.

Caroline Schott

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