Inaction on reassessment

Dear Editor:
Recently, residents of Marineview Plaza were successful in ending a sub-metering program instituted by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. It was a collective effort led by Hoboken City Councilwoman Theresa Castellano.
Although not surprised, I found it very interesting that Councilwoman Castellano, as well as representatives from Hudson County, spent two years lobbying on behalf of Marineview residents who were paying what they considered to be unfair electric bills. They contend the bills were artificially high.
What is also not surprising is how little time Mrs. Castellano and certain colleagues on the Hoboken City Council have spent addressing the issue of a property reassessment, which is a far more egregious case of unfair treatment.
Once Councilwoman Castellano has had ample time to bask in the glory of her victory for those who do not pay property taxes in Hoboken, I would like her to focus her attention on those who do.
Based on Mrs. Castellano’s inaction on the issue of reassessment, do I even need to ask where she stands on this issue?

Jay Rattigan

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