Visit to Reporter website brought back memories

Dear Editor:
I just came upon your website, and remembered my visits to my grandparents in 1968 and 1970 in Union City. They immigrated from postwar Nuremberg in the early 1950s. By working hard, they bought a brick house at Hudson Avenue where they lived until the 1980s. As a 5 year old boy I was amazed by the view of the Manhattan skyline that could be seen from the window. Grandma told me that a police officer came by and remarked how clean the boardwalk in front of the house was.
With my Pa we took the bus to Manhattan and walked to the famous buildings, having Coke and pizza for lunch. The first time I saw a beach was at Sandy Hook (wherever that is), where I got lost and was brought back to my Mam by an officer on a motorbike. Long ago, and my parents and grandparents are long dead. Memories still remain. Greetings from Germany.

Dr. Roland Zippelius, Ingolstadt

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