‘What else do we not know about?’

To the Editor:
Peter Cresci was appointed to the Bayonne Parking Authority (BPA) as its attorney and also the city business administrator. They city states that Mr. Cresci allegedly gave himself unauthorized raises, apparently worked two full time jobs, and bilked the city legal fees to defend the BPA against a suit brought by a former employee. The city alleges that many of the actions Mr. Cresci took were done without proper voted on resolution.
Allegedly, Mr. Cresci was hired in 2007 as a counsel to the BPA at a rate of $15,000 per year. But without proper approval, he allegedly gave himself a raise of $25,000 per year. Why were the BPA commissioners ignorant of this? Why was the city treasurer ignorant to this? They made out the checks! Why wasn’t the mayor notified? Mr. Cresci actually earned more than $161,423 per year for 2007 and 2008 and a portion of 2009. Why didn’t anyone take notice? Excuse me, I forgot that Mr. Cresci was the city business administrator. He handles the books! Talk about putting the fox in the henhouse!
Mayor Smith takes action long after the act has been committed (2007 to 2009). It’s like closing the barn door after the horse has left. How did the chain of command allow this to happen? As chief of staff, Mr. Gallo, could you please explain it to the residents? What else do we not know about?


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