‘Please speed up the process’

To the Editor:
This letter is to Mayor Mark Smith, the City Council, and the city code construction inspectors:
Please help cut the red tape that’s holding up Dr. Iyengar from building his much needed medical facility at 33rd Street –the sight of the old Holiday Trim & Trim.
Dr. Iyengar has been helping and healing the citizens of this city and county for over 25 years. He has helped keep me alive for the past two years. Not only has he helped me fight my cancer, he has seen me through heart-arthritis and lung problems.
Thanks to him, I was able to see my 18 year old grandson graduate Bayonne High School and see my youngest one learn to walk.
This community needs this medical facility – and we need it now. I thank God and Dr. Iyengar everyday for giving me this time with my family. Please speed up the process. Thank you.


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