Debates! Debates! Hoboken, Secaucus, and more…

In Hoboken, mayoral candidate Frank Raia said this morning that he’ll take a $1 salary if he is elected mayor on Nov. 3. No other candidates made that pledge, and opponent Everton Wilson said most people can’t afford to do that. The candidates tussled on rent control, parking, and some funny questions, too. Check out what Raia, Wilson, Kim Glatt, Dawn Zimmer, Beth Mason, and Nathan Brinkman had to say in this morning’s Hoboken debate after we post the video later on here at Who said that Mason and Zimmer are not qualified? Who wants to get rid of rent control? Find out soon!
This afternoon we’ll also be taping a debate with the Secaucus Town Council candidates, and have a few questions for unopposed mayoral candidate Michael Gonnelli as well.
Friday we’ll be taping a debate with the Bayonne council candidates.
Stay tuned!

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