Hudson Sheriff urges tightening restraints on domestic abuse

Dear Editor:
It is extremely disturbing that statistics indicate that those who are subject to acts of domestic violence are seriously injured or killed by those individuals who have violated the court ordered restraining orders. As law enforcement officers and those involved with court actions concerning domestic abuse and violence we need to be concerned with the ever increasing problems affecting the most vulnerable of our population and the consequence of the safety of the abused individual and the children in the household.
In my opinion there should be legislation drafted mandating how violations of permanent retraining orders are to be treated. Higher bail should be required for the first violation of the restraining order and a second violation should most carry a lengthy mandatory jail sentence. Anyone who violates this order should undergo a psychiatric evaluation prior to release and before being released the victim should be immediately notified. After evaluation, anyone even deemed as slight risk for harming the victim should be electronically monitored for the safety of the abused and the family.
We in the law enforcement field must work together with the legislative and judicial branches of government to ensure that the most vulnerable in our society are afforded every possible protection under the law.

Juan M. Perez
Sheriff of Hudson County

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