The Union City grand opening concert

Dear Editor:
While I am not one to write Letters to the Editor, however when you failed to accurately report the events of the Union City Grand Opening Concert, I felt it important for me to fill in the blanks.
Union City is blessed to have celebrated the opening of a state of the art auditorium. Over 500 people were entertained at the Opening Night Concert. But this newspaper never mention the fact that the night was made special because if featured outstanding local talent.
Yes, Tito Puente Jr. performed with the High School Band. But the night belonged to the opening act, the first musical artist to ever perform in this great Performing Arts Center, Mr. Kennedy Ng and the ENYI-K Trio. Why is this so meaningful? Kennedy Ng lives in Union City, he is a member of the Union City Board of Education, and he is a truly blessed virtuoso pianist. He featured Edward LaFontant, a recent Union City High School graduate, as a drummer who took center stage to showcase his talents. Obviously to Mr. Ng, is it more about the music and cultivating young talent, than about himself. How refreshing.

Wendy Rojas

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