If it’s Tuesday, it may mean free movies

Hoboken’s Clearview Cinemas five-plex is set to open on Oct. 23. Those who have Optimum Triple Play Rewards may be wondering: Will that theater participate with the “free movies on Tuesdays” promotion?
Optimum Triple Play customers get two free movie tickets each Tuesdays for Clearview Cinemals. There are two Clearview Cinemas in New York City, but the rest are far from Hudson County — so it may not always be easy to get to them at work, unless you already work in those areas.
A random Optimum customer service representative whom we called said that the new Hoboken cinema WILL participate. While we have not confirmed this with Clearview yet, you may be able to look forward to free flicks!
If we’re lucky, maybe “Fame” starring Secaucus resident Paul Iacono will play at the new space.

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