Hoboken taxpayer group expresses concern over union negotiations

We got this press release from the group Hoboken Revolt today:
“Hoboken Revolt, a grass roots, taxpayer advocacy and watchdog organization, is deeply concerned about the negotiations being conducted for the collective bargaining agreement for both the Hoboken Fire and Police Departments. While the group understands the need for confidentiality during the negotiation process, they fear the state will approve the contracts without adequate public input or final approval from Hoboken’s elected representatives.”
” ‘As taxpayers we need our local elected officials to be involved in the key elements such as overall cost, terminal pay and health care benefits. Our local officials and the public need to have transparency into the process=2 0in order to effectively represent the interests of the taxpayer. If the state appointed monitor has the only oversight and final approval of the contracts the citizens of Hoboken are being taxed without representation,’ ” states Kristina Hahn, a spokesperson for the Hoboken Revolt Steering Committee.
“After a 47 percent property tax hike in 2008, the residents of Hoboken are particularly concerned about these contracts as they represent a majority of the city’s operating expenses. It is imperative in the current economic environment that the contracts be fair to both the city employees and the city taxpayers.
“The group is asking The State of N.J., under Gov. John Corzine and State Monitor Judy Tripodi to provide an update on the negotiations and reaffirm the Hoboken city council’s right to approve the contracts prior to acceptance.”
For more on Hoboken’s budget and negotiations, please see this weekend’s Hoboken Reporter.

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