‘Like a breath of fresh air’

To the Editor:
I have read Florence Lazarov’s letter in response to Joseph Ryan, a political appointee to the mayor in a non-essential job. Her letter was like a breath of fresh air in our highly polluted city.
She was 100 percent right in stating her opinion why our county spent thousands of taxpayer money on something that was not an emergency to do so, rebuilding tennis courts to benefit a few to denying the majority.
Where was our elected “freeloader” to intercede to protect city taxpayers? Where was she? Don’t hold your breath for her to appear?
Florence, it is not only Bayonne that is burdened by more county expenses, it is all of our sister cities of Hudson County. The reason why this is occurring is because it is an election year. Every four years, our county spends millions of dollars without remorse to re-elect their political puppets! No elected political figure will speak out against this practice.
It’s time that the taxpayers of Bayonne and all other Hudson County cities wise up and stop voting for the “democrats” political ticket on election day Nov. 3, 2009.
If you vote to re-elect Gov. Corzine, then you will deserve everything that they (democrats) will take away from you. I ask you, aren’t you tired of living in the most corrupt, over taxed, crime ridden county in the United States?
Florence Lazarov, you are a wonderful person and I commend you for publicly speaking out against an injustice rendered towards the residents of our city. Yes, libraries do have a much deeper return than tennis balls? Why do you disagree, Mr. Ryan?


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