The city will continue to prosper with Mayor Brian P. Stack

Dear Editor:
The era of prosperity in Union City began when Brian P. Stack took over as Mayor in the year two thousand (2000). Prior to this time Union City was not having any positive changes. If you are a resident of this community you need to keep informed of the rebuilding that is taken place in this city, under the leadership of Mayor Brian P. Stack. In the near future, construction is expected to begin the conversion of the 15th Street Library into a senior center, historical museum and cultural center. This renovated building will offer numerous amenities for residents, including community rooms, museums displaying local art and history, a concert hall and art gallery and a senior meeting room. It is expected that this building should be completed by the spring of 2010. In the history of Union City no major changes have taken place in a ten (10) year period like is happening here in the last nine (9) years.
I commend the mayor and the commissioners for always putting the needs of the residents first. The quality of life in Union City has never been any better. I trust that progressive changes will continue to take place as long as Brian P. Stack is mayor of this diverse community.

Oscar Cordero

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