Out with the old, in with the new

Dear Editor:
As a lifelong Hoboken resident and voter, I read with amazement some of the flyers candidates are handing out. Dawn Zimmer’s flyer says she will restore fiscal responsibility. Beth Mason’s flyer says she will balance the budget. Wow, Zimmer abstained from the current budget vote restoring fiscal responsibility. Mason voted “No” to the balanced budget at the last council meeting. Peter Cammarano says he will lower the budget. Really? The budget has ballooned under his four years in office. Has he worked with the council to pass any cost cuts in the past year? No he hasn’t!
Hoboken needs to rid themselves of politicians with cheap words and sound bits.&nbs p; It amazes me that any of the three expect a vote. They have failed in their main talking point.
They do not deserve your vote. As Frank Orsini said in his letter last week to the Reporter, “your vote is simple – either vote for people that have failed us, or vote new leadership.” He is correct. I’m voting Independent for Mayor. I’m voting for Frank Orsini.

Dinorah Vargas

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