Check my experience in education; it’s a matter of record

Dear Editor:
They say that experience comes with age. It is also said that experience at old age does you the least amount of good. I hope the majority of Secaucus voters who will be voting in the April 21 Board of Education election are not in agreement with that saying.
You see, the focal point of my campaign in this election is based on my experience in education and my experience in exposing and stopping Mayor Elwell’s manipulating of Board trustees over the years he has been mayor.
The record shows that three trustees who allowed themselves to be manipulated by Mayor Elwell have decided not to seek re-election. As it now stands of the six who are not up for election, three will be ending their first year. One trustee will be ending his second year. One will be in his third year. One will be going into her 31st year. Check the records, I have more experience (12 years) than five remaining on the Board as it now stands.
There are three seats open and there are seven candidates, running. Outside of myself none of them have Board of Education experience. Will they be strong enough to be their own person and not be manipulated by the powers that be, whoever the powers may be during their watch? I hope so. Time will tell.
The bottom line is my experience in education and experience in exposing politics in educational matters is a matter of record. I hope you will consider giving me one of the three votes you have to cast.

Tom Troyer

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