Governor Jon Corzine kept his promise

Dear Editor:
In these most difficult times with tough choices to make, when push came to shove, Gov. Jon Corzine kept his promise to more than 160,000 of New Jersey’s most vulnerable citizens and did not cut funds to their desperately needed services funded by the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).
Prior to FY 2009 the State was already unable to provide services to everyone who needed them. In FY 2009, funding for DDD had sustained two cuts totaling more than $50 million.
In looking forward to FY 2010, individuals with developmental disabilities and their families cried “Please, no more!” They were heard. The Administration, the Treasurer and the Governor heard their urgent please, understood their pain and kept their promise.
Our sincere thanks to them for recognizing the significance these services make in the life of a person with developmental disabilities and their family and keeping their promise to protect them.
Our message to the Legislature as they begin their deliberation is that we realize the challenge ahead but any cuts to services would be devastating. Keep your promise, too. Protect New Jerseyans with developmental disabilities.

Thomas Baffuto, Executive Director
The Arc of New Jersey

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