Who loves a parade?

Dear Editor:
Examine the reasons why you have an annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. What is the intent behind the event? Whatever the reasons think about the type of people that would be attracted to such an event: party-minded people both young and old would be a good guess.
The perception that Hoboken holds a St. Patrick’s Day parade to encourage locals and out of towners to come and celebrate is very real. Bars and restaurants gear up for the crowds; extra trains are put on the schedule; parking garages anticipate being full and house parties are a given. All of this preparation beacons “welcome to Hoboken.”
The deception is in the planning by the town officials. The word goes out, and the law enforcement gears up for crack downs. The town is already at odds with the event itself…this makes no sense.
If the town determines to continue a St. Patrick Day event, then provide for it. Come up with a game plan which involves waving local ordinances and minor violations. Take a page out of New Orleans during Mardi Gras or Savannah during the River Street Festival. Use the law accordingly just for that day.
Whatever the fate of Hoboken’s St. Patrick’s Day parade or whatever the town council decides in future planning, the intent behind the event should be re-examined and acted on accordingly.

Arlene Radman

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