I am running for the Bd of Ed

Dear concerned citizens,
My name is Khaled Dardir and I am running for the Board of Education’s open position. There are many reasons why I have decided to run. However, I am mostly inspired by my belief that all children deserve an outstanding public education. The current system is inconsistent and needs to be improved. There are basic components that need to be corrected. Updating school facilities, improving school safety, and reinvesting in our “neighborhood schools” are just a few of the issues that I am prepared to address.
I was born and raised in Jersey City, and I am a product of the Jersey City Public Schools. I graduated with honors from Kean University with a degree in Science Education. My two sisters currently attend Jersey City Public Schools. I want every parent to have complete faith and confidence in this system just as my parents did. No parent should even have the slightest doubt when dealing with the school system.
I feel that both my educational background and my personal experience make me an excellent candidate for this position. For me, having the opportunity to serve the children of this great city is a duty and responsibility I am willing to accept. A lot can be done and needs to be done. Therefore, I ask for your support in the upcoming Board of Education Election.

Khaled Dardir

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