Discipline + respect = dignity

Dear Editor:
There are many basic factors that could describe persons who are successful in our society today. They are discipline, respect, dignity and motivation just to name a few. Being a former teacher of over 5,000 children in my career, I’ve always made it a priority to instill and demand respect, discipline and dignity. And I could honestly say that I was successful 99.5 percent of the time.
However, I’ve been attending the town council meetings for the past 10 months on a regular basis. It’s disturbing and I’m overwhelmed by the way some of the meetings are conducted. They remind me of a kangaroo court. I’ll be glad and willingly to come out of retirement to volunteer my services to teach a refresher course on discipline, respect and dignity. Perhaps I’m just writing the truth, and I apologize if I offended anybody. I’m sure that the majority of the people attending the meetings would also agree with me.
First of all, we must start somewhere. Let’s begin by stopping all the nonsense and the humiliation of certain individuals. Obviously, there is one councilman that I find extraordinary in the way he has conducted himself under adverse conditions. He has demonstrated and displayed professionalism, discipline, respect, dignity; he’s passionate and compassionate. His name is Councilman Michael J. Gonnelli, perhaps the next future mayor of Secaucus.
I’ve come to the conclusion that Mr. Gonnelli and I share some of the same common family values and ideas. And also let me not forget to mention what an individual of great character and integrity. I must say with honor and respect that I’ve had the opportunity to review some of Mr. Gonnelli’s achievements and accomplishments. Most importantly is the valuable time that he has contributed to this prestigious town of Secaucus for the past 35 years of his services. The fitting word to describe Councilman Gonnelli is honorable.
In closing, quoting from President Abraham Lincoln, “With firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right let us strive on to finish the work we are in.”
So I hope and pray that on Election Day that peace and unity can be restored for the sake of the welfare of all Secaucus residents.

Respectfully yours,
Jules Carricarte

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