What’s your color? Wristbands help singles find the perfect match

This Valentine’s Day, the Minnesota-based product designer Cathie Hill is giving Cupid a helping hand. Tired of the messy bar and online dating scene, this divorcee took her love life into her own hands, and onto her wrists, when she designed a new line of wrist wear that color-coordinates singles according to preference, status, and dating history. Let the organization begin.
The bands come in a variety of colors that specify what the wearer is looking for, and according to Hill, can give a potential mate important dating information in seconds – just don’t keep your hands in your pockets.


“I tried dating online and would never recommend it.” – Cathie Hill

“I have been divorced,” Hill said, “and I tried dating online and would never recommend it.”
Taking a cue from popular wristbands like the “Live Strong” band, Hill used seven colors to specify what the wearer is looking for. Blue means you’ve single and have never been married, while green is worn only by divorcées. Purple represents gay and lesbian; bisexuals can be seen in an orange band. Pink means that you are living with someone else. Yellow means that you are currently separated, but looking. And, red means you are widower.
In addition to the regular bands, Hill has also designed Single Bands packages that include multiple bands that can be worn by a dater to specify exactly what he or she is looking for in a mate. In this case, the bands have similar colors, but worn together can mean even more. A red wristband is worn by someone who is looking for a romantic relationship. Green is looking for an educated mate; while, orange says that I am interested in people of all races. With so many possibilities, your perfect match might be wearing his band right under his sleeve.
For more information on Single Bands, or to order online, visit: www.cathiehill.com.


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