Finish thisHobokenite in new MTV reality show

Hoboken resident Maddy Siedlick admits she’s not the portrait of a well-mannered lady. But the former bartender at Sullivan’s in Hoboken, who stars on MTV’s new reality TV show The Girls of Hedsor Hall, said, “I wasn’t half as bad as the girls on this show.”
The show premiered on Feb. 9 and shipped the rowdiest girls this side of the pond to the middle of the English countryside to attend a finishing school for women. But what will it take to transform these diamonds in the rough into groomed and gracious proper young ladies? Fifteen minutes of fame and the chance for $100,000.
Hosted by former Miss USA Tara Conner, who almost lost her crown when pictures surfaced of her in compromising positions, The Girls of Hedsor Hall boasts a “self-described nymphomaniac” and “the Black-Out Queen of North Carolina.” So, where did Maddy fair in all this binge drinking, proper grooming, and drunken bar fights? We’ll have to watch to find out.
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A statement from MTV described you as “a fearless, foul-mouthed punkette who won’t hesitate to pick a fistfight with a man.” Were you involved in any salacious fights during the show?


“The fights on the show were insane. Catty bitches.” – Maddy Siedlick

“No, I actually didn’t get into any fights on the show. The only fight I got into was in my casting tape in front of [the bar] Nine. I had some words with this guy outside of the bar. I wasn’t half as bad as the girls on this show. I’m outgoing and I’m going to speak my mind when I want to. But the fights on the show were insane. Catty bitches.”

Reality TV is far from reality these days. What was it like being on TV?

“Yeah, some of the parts were definitely provoked by the crew to get the girls into fights and confrontations. But, some were real. It was definitely different than I pictured it. It’s really not reality at all.”

How’d you get cast for the show?

“MTV found me on my Myspace page and sent me an e-mail saying I should go down and audition for a new show. The show was called Misbehaving. Four day after my audition, MTV called me on a Tuesday and told me to keep my schedule open from Thursday to Saturday. That Thursday they called at 2 p.m. and said my plane for L.A. leaves at 5 p.m. and I better be on it. I met with the producers and was only in L.A. for 24 hours before going back home. A few days after that they told me my plane for London leaves Oct. 5.”

What was the best part of your experience?

“Getting to go to London was amazing. I had never been there before and I got to see Buckingham Palace and the Parliament. I lived on a farm in the middle of the country with cows and horses. It was a lot different than I was used to.”

What was the worst part of London?

“The food sucked there, and they didn’t have ice at all. There was no ice in anything.”

What was going through your mind when you finally left the show?

“I kind of wanted to leave at that point. I missed my family, and my friends, and my boyfriend. I realized that reality TV really wasn’t for me. I was kind of upset, because it was a lot of money [to win], but I was more excited to finally be going home.”

The premise of the show wanted to change the lives of out-of-control women. What can you take away from your experiences at the ‘hall’?

“I know I can’t go out like I used to. I need to learn how to tone it down a couple notches, because I can get really obnoxious when I drink. Seeing myself on TV was kind of embarrassing. Not that I did anything wrong, but I saw the previews and I know I’m going to be portrayed like such an asshole. I don’t want to be on TV for the wrong reasons.”

What’s next for soon-to-be reality star Maddy Siedlick?

“Hopefully when the show airs I’ll get more publicity. The attention is great. I love it. People are already starting to recognize me on the street and it’s only going to get better and better. I’m excited to get my 15 minutes of fame. Maybe, I’ll be able to get into sitcoms or movies. Definitely no more reality TV.”


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