Thank you, Sage & Company Hair Salon

To the Editor:
I would like to take this moment to sincerely say thank you to Sage & Company for sponsoring their eighth annual Hair Cut-A-Thon, benefiting Curesearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation. All money raised at this fundraiser went directly toward research for children’s cancer.
My thanks begin with all our families, friends and especially the community who came out to support this cause, even in the hardest of economic times. Your donations bring us one step closer to a cure. Next, to Nancy and her staff at Hot & Toasty Bagels for your donation of delicious bagels and spreads. Our thanks to you for starting our morning off to a running start. Thank you to everyone who donated to the beautiful baskets. Great job. A big continuous thank you to Anthony, our raffle guy, who comes each and every year and does the best job with our baskets. It is not often a child will donate his free time, but he comes each year in order to raise money for cancer’s smallest victims. You are the best.
To Betty for always being our leader and coming through no matter what comes our way. To Maryann for always being there with your wonderful ideas and support, knowing your blue angel would be very proud.
To the hardworking professional staff of Sage & Company, including Donna, Linda, Kim and Sandra. You always give of your free time, never complaining, and standing on your feet for hours with your tireless hands, while always making each and every customer feel wonderful with their new hair styles. Your enthusiasm from the beginning of the day to the end just amazes me. From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you.
Last, but certainly not least, my biggest thank you goes to Josephine, owner of Sage & Company, who continues to amaze me every single year. You are the first one to remind me of this fundraiser, committing from your heart and pushing this fundraiser to the end. You show that this fundraiser brings attention that we all must participate, advocate, educate and donate as these children need our help, and that research is the cure for this deadly disease. So from all of these children along with their families, I send you a heart filled with love and thanks for ensuring them a lifetime of dreams and milestones.
The loss of one more child to cancer is one too many. Curing childhood cancer has become achievable in our lifetime, but fundraising for research is necessary. Imagine a world where children with cancer grow up and live out their dreams. Make a dream a reality – to reach the day when every child with cancer can be guaranteed a cure. Remember, children are our dreams to the future.

Chairperson for Sage & Co. Cut-A-Thon

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