The raccoon that took Hoboken

Dedicated Hoboken crossing guard Margaret O’Brien had this fun report today, with some serious implications:
“This morning the 11th Street [commuters] were treated to a 20-pound raccoon which ran down 11th Street, crossed Washington, and ran down Hudson! It was HUGE! Everybody loves Hoboken, even the animals!”
She then had some more serious thoughts.
“I warned the dog owners in the neighborhood. Raccoons do ATTACK dogs and someone might lose a nice puppy. The City Council had a complaint that garbage bags have been ripped open and blamed the homeless guys…people from Bloomfield Street have complained, especially where this one was seen running from. Rabies and ticks don’t need to get on or in our neighborhood puppies or children…. What ever happened to Hoboken’s animal control people? Maybe you might mention that people should cover their garbage well.”
It should be noted that rabid raccoons are not unheard of in Hudson County; in fact, just six weeks ago, Jersey City issued a rabies advisory alert after a raccoon was struck by a car on Sunday Jersey City Heights – just up the hill from downtown Hoboken – and tested positive for the potentially deadly virus.
Anyone exposed to a raccoon or other animal through a scratch or saliva should immediately contact a physician or hospital. People and pets should avoid close contact with any animal showing signs of being rabid such as foaming at mouth, aggressive behavior, overfriendly behavior, or a wobbly or sickly appearance. Also, experts advise using disposable rubber gloves to inspect pets for bite wounds or cuts and wash hands thoroughly. Pets with bite wounds should be treated by a veterinarian, their food should be kept away from wild animals, and pets’ rabies shots should be kept up to date.

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