Police BeatComplied by Timothy J. Carroll

Friend of alleged meth user calls 911

Police following up on a 911 hang-up on Friday, Jan. 16 were led to an apartment building by First and Willow.
Officers rang the buzzer of the apartment from which the call was made. A man said he would be with them in a minute.
After several minutes, the man did not answer. So police buzzed another apartment in the building to be let into the building. Then they knocked on the caller’s door.
Richard Paice, 42, let the officers into his apartment and told them that a friend had hung up on the 911 operator, but he wasn’t sure why the friend called. Police noticed Paice “seemed out of sorts,” Police Capt. Anthony Falco said.
Police asked to speak with the friend, but the friend had left. Paice put them on the phone with him. The friend told police “something didn’t seem right” with Paice.
Paice was pacing around the room, police said, and placed a piece of paper over an object.
The officers noticed the behavior and lifted the paper to find a glass pipe and small plastic bags believed to be crystal meth, according to the report.
Paice was arrested for possession of the controlled dangerous substance, possession of paraphernalia, and being under the influence.

Pistol whipped and robbed of thousands

A man from Northern Ireland living in Hoboken was robbed at 2:53 a.m. early Wednesday morning on the 500 block of First Street. The victim was carrying $2,500 in cash, police said, presumably a late night deposit from a local bar.
According to the victim, two Hispanic males in dark clothing – one roughly 6-foot-1, the other 5-foot-8 – confronted him as he walked along First Street.
One of the men displayed a gun and immediately started beating the victim over the head, though not so hard as to cause blunt trauma, according to Police Capt. Anthony Falco.
The suspects threw him to the ground and demanded, “Give me what you got,” according to the police report.
The victim was also carrying an Apple G4 laptop valued at $1,100 and an iPod.
He said the suspects took off toward Jefferson Street, heading in the direction of Jersey City, Falco said.
The victim called a friend and they went to police headquarters, where an ambulance treated him for cuts and bruises from the confrontation.
Police said they are still investigating.

Six bags of heroin

Police spotted a man they knew as a non-Hoboken resident on Hoboken Housing Authority property on Tuesday at 2:50 p.m.
Police approached the man and followed him into a first floor hallway to inform him that he was apparently trespassing.
The man, Edwin Santos, 45, of Jersey City, told police he was visiting a friend, but could not produce a name.
Police reported that he was making nervous gestures and moving his hands in and out of his pockets, even after they requested that he stop.
Santos allegedly resisted a search subsequent to arrest, and had to be wrestled to the ground by law enforcement, Police Capt. Anthony Falco said.
Police said they found six bags that appeared to be heroin in his clenched fists and another bag and a syringe on his person.
Santos was arrested for defiant trespassing, resisting arrest, possession of heroin, and paraphernalia.

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