Grateful for Mayor Healy & Councilman Gaughan

Dear Editor:
I am a long time resident of Hudson City Section of Jersey City and want to take this time to praise both Mayor Jerramiah Healy and Councilman William Gaughan. We are fortunate to have both the Mayor in charge of the entire city and Councilman Gaughan in the Heights area.
I have to state that whenever there are issues that need attention we contact Councilman Gaughan and the problem is attended to and a full explanation of the circumstances are related to us by Bill Gaughan. I also have to state that both the Mayor and the Councilman are sensitive to the Hispanic people and understand the needs of all.
We are thankful as residents to have both Mayor Healy and Councilman Gaughan to help us and our families on a day to day basis – we will work to see that they remain in office for at least the next four years. Thank you to both of these fine public servants.

Very truly yours,
Gino Tosado

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