Will ‘Democrats For Hudson County’ group continue progress?

Dear Editor:
The recent news reporting that the Board of Freeholders unanimously selected the Freeholder from Bayonne to be their Chairperson and the Freeholder from Union City as the Vice Chair seems to give the impression of unity in support of the present county political leadership. I believe this to be the wishful thinking of the present powers that be. However, if this is so, then not only will this negatively impact upon the people of Hudson County but as contrary to the principles involved in the 2007 campaign of Democrats For Hudson County led by Brian Stack and Louis Manzo.
Literally thousands of people ever before involved politically, rallied to the banner of Democrats For Hudson County (DFHC) for a change in the leadership of the Hudson County Democratic organization. DFHC sought true change in the principles of our county government not a change in faces. Change that would bring a government responsive to the people by improving the quality of life of all residents. Not elected officials who use political office to keep themselves in office and to advance and enhance self serving interests. Only recently one of the “boys” was criticized in a state report for intimidation of employees at the Community College, and the present leadership rewards him by creating a position for him at the Vocational School paying an annual salary in excess of $100,000.00.
Fortunately, we begin a new year with the opportunity to continue the efforts of DFHC. Two communities will conduct municipal elections in May, the results of which will have a substantial affect upon county government. The City of Hoboken will be electing a new mayor and three at large members of the council, and the City of Jersey City will be electing a new mayor and new council.
The recent “happenings” in Hoboken are more than enough reason for a change in leadership. It appears that Beth Mason as mayor could provide a breath of fresh air to the Mile Square City.
In Jersey City there truly is only one choice, Louis Manzo. His actions as a former Freeholder and Assemblyman prove his dedication to putting the people first. To those organization politicos who attempt to disparage Lou Manzo because he has lost previous elections I remind them that Abraham Lincoln lost 12 times before becoming our best and most revered president.
Yes, Democrats For Hudson County can bring about a true change with Beth Mason as mayor of Hoboken and Louis Manzo as mayor of Jersey City.

Libero Marotta

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