Shelley will be missed by all

Dear Editor:
On Dec. 10th the City of Hoboken lost a good friend and citizen.
Shelley Miller moved to Hoboken in the late 80’s and instantly became an active participant in this community. She made friends easily and joined many groups sharing her many talents. She was an excellent cook and had wonderful dinner parties crowding many into her small condo kitchen/dining room/living room. She had a wonderful singing voice and sang in the Cantigas Woman’s Choir; her love of theater was displayed in the play reading group; her writing skills when she wrote the many letters to the editor and in writing campaign literature which she then translated into Spanish, a language she spoke and wrote fluently. She ran for City Council, 1st Ward, with Dave Roberts.
She was my good friend. We liked the same food, the same music, the same movies. I will always miss these times we spent together. I began to miss her when she was first diagnosed with the dementia, which took her life. Somehow I was hoping the doctors would give her a pill and it would all go away, but it wasn’t to be so. This disease robbed her of the ability to be the Shelley we all knew. In the end, this woman who had graduated from the Bronx High School of Science and Hunter College, ran her own business, raised two children on her own and accomplished countless other things, was a mere shell of the person we all knew.
She will be missed by many.
Her family wishes those who want to show their respect, contribute to a charity or research organization for the cure and treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Peggy McGeary

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