Parking problems

To the Editor:
Parking on the residential streets of Bayonne is unbelievable for me. For example, just on my street alone, within the distance between two driveways, seven cars can fit. But when someone parks just a little too far from one end or the other, then it’s only six. Add the factor on both sides, then only five. There are only three houses between the driveways, so why can’t I park in front of my own home six days out of the week?
I have both an infant and toddler that I have to manage, and having to park so far down the street, or even the next one if later in the evening, makes it difficult for me at best. The solution: why doesn’t the city paint parking markers on the streets using the same distance we do on main streets where there’s meters?
Those who have driveways I envy, but why can’t you park your second car in front of it? Maybe the new mayor will do something for us?


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