Struggling with Union City’s high property tax

Dear Editor:
It is obvious that 2009 is going to be a challenging year as far as economic issues are concerned.
For those of us who live and own property in Union City, I don’t have to tell you about the extremely high rate of local property tax that we find ourselves struggling with.
Several months ago our current mayor gave us his word that he and the fellow commissioners would announce an economic game plan that would address the present financial dilemma that is all too much our everyday reality.
Unfortunately all we have heard is finger pointing alluding to a prior administration that left office nearly a decade ago.
For example the current state legislator from our community should make a sincere effort to introduce a bill to regulate and oversee the expenses of our regional fire department. The time of his verbal grandstanding on this important issue has gone on far too long. Action is needed immediately of this most important issue.
It is also long overdue for this administration to stop using the feeble excuse of using the term essential hiring just to reward someone for their apparent political pedigree.

Tom Regan

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