Homeowners & businesses must clear sidewalks of ice & snow

Dear Editor:
This letter is in regards to the unsafe walking conditions of North Bergen’s sidewalks. We had a minor snowstorm in our area last week that blanketed our streets and sidewalks with a minimal amount of snow that could have easily and quickly been dealt with by all concerned but wasn’t.
My gripe here is that many homeowners and businesses did not in the least take the time nor effort to clear their sidewalks and driveways of this small challenge. The Township’s Dept. of Public Works did a sterling job of keeping our streets and avenues plowed and salted and sanded but they always do anyway. I’ve lived on 76th St. for the past 43 years, and never have I seen more apathy and indifference from the homeowners and store owners and renters.
I surely hope and trust the powers that be will get after these scofflaws with at first warnings, then actual fines, if they continue to flout their responsibilities in dealing with snow and ice removal swiftly.
Thank you and happy walking to all!

John E. Mehl

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