Our mayor can sing, too!

Dear Editor:
I am proud to be a senior citizen, a World War II Veteran and extremely proud to be a resident of Jersey City with Jerramiah T. Healy as our Mayor.
We know that Hoboken may have had Frank Sinatra and others have enjoyed old timers like Perry Como and Bing Crosby, but we have our own talent, not only in the excellent oversight of our city but in his vocal abilities – our Mayor Healy.
I travel around our town and speak to many, many seniors in all walks of life, and there is one thing they have all agreed upon this holiday season is that they enjoyed the tunes as sung by our Mayor. Listening to all of the positive comments, one sweet lady of 89 summed it all up when she said “not only does the Mayor do such a caring job for all of us but he even can carry a tune and not just in a bucket.”
Mayor Healy, please keep up the good work for our residents as you have, and perhaps we can get together and sing “I Left My Heart in Jersey City.” You have our love, support and certainly our votes.

Charles Hannon

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