My prediction for Mayor Healy

Dear Editor:
My prediction for the New Year is come May 2009, Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy will be Mayor for the next four years.
If Assemblyman Harvey Smith, Senator Sandra Cunningham and Mr. Lou Manzo go for May, it will be good news to the Mayor that will ensure him a victory for the next four years.
As far as Mr. Schundler goes, he should take a slow boat to some remote island and run for mayor there. There is no room for him in Jersey City. Schundler made mayor before and blew it; he ran for governor and didn’t make it. The moral of the story is go back to where you came from.
Let’s face it, Mayor Healy is the man for the job without a doubt.
I say no one, and I mean no one, will beat this mayor.
I am looking forward and stand behind Mayor Healy to bring this city to a new era for the New Year and beyond.

Paul Marlu Maiellaro

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