Stop mocking marriage

Dear Editor:

I’m upset! Once again our NJ Assembly mocked us as they pushed through A3743 on Monday, December 15, while we were preparing for Christmas and Chanukah.

A3743 (The Senate version of S2820) would allow same-sex couples to form domestic partnerships in New Jersey. You may ask, what is the big deal? It isn’t Gay Marriage, or is it? The big deal is that our Legislature did not allow public debate, but willingly sold their souls to a special interest group while we were too busy to notice. They sinisterly would define 2,500 years of Western Civilization without the courtesy of open debate.

I urge all your readers to phone, fax and email our NJ Senators to vote “No” to S2820 and call for a statewide Voter Referendum. (Supposedly the NJ Senate will vote on S2820 early in January). If New Jerseyans want Domestic Partnerships, so be it.

However, politicians should not rewrite several millennia of our world’s history and time-honored tradition of marriage between a man and a woman under the dark of night. Stop the mocking!

Vera Olinski


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