Again, seniors are scraping the ‘bottom of the barrel’ when it comes to a raise in their benefits

Dear Editor:

For the second year in a row our seniors will receive a near record low in their January Social Security check. They will continue to scrape the bottom of the barrel because their benefits will only grow by a mere 2.1 percent. Their Medicare premium jumps to $7 a month from $58.70 to $66.60. This means they pay out an increase of 13.5 percent.

I understand our politicians expect an increase between three and four thousand dollars in the year 2004. They appear to have no problem being insensitive to all those who contribute to their more than generous salary.

On the other hand our politicians are aware of the eight million undocumented illegals using our system which is about to go broke because our laws are not enforced. Instead of our hardworking law abiding citizens being top priority our elected officials neglect those they are supposed to protect.

Our seniors paid into Medicare and Social Security for many years, and their payroll taxes should not be diverted to illegals who broke the law. Instead of pandering to those law breakers, our politicians should deport all illegal aliens immediately.

V.E. Rummey


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