I don’t know where we’re heading

Dear Editor:

Weekends are so lovely. All the experts and many informed sources are aired on the idiot box.

Sunday, a high placed adviser, representing the U.S. Institute for Peace, amazed me with the admission that they get 20 million a year, operate with under 50 members and can operate independently since they re not part of government.

Is that our honest and deepest interest in world peace? Doesn’t the element that takes with unwavering skepticism everything that America stands for. Behave justifiably? Is world peace worth about a dozen cave destroying bombs? I know my intelligence is limited but I’m finding it harder and harder to make any sense of where we’re heading.

Angelo Nanfro
P.S. I also found out that our incursions into Panama, Afghanistan and many other police jobs, and now Iraq were all undertaken without any forethought to what would occur after the military part ended, in connection with the havoc that resulted. Remember I only woke up a few years ago and am trying to wake up the millions like me. The echo of “After all they tried to kill my Dad” always resounds, cynic that I am.


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