We’ll always remember you…

Dear Editor:

I just want those who lost loved ones to know we do remember and continue to share their pain.

The pain of loneliness and sorrow is hard to bear when I think of you and those precious days of long ago and far away.

Two years ago your life was bright with joy until that tragic day September 11, 2001. From that moment on your life became your past and your bright and happy future became nothing more than a broken dream.

Our compassionate heroes searched every day for you, and when we realized you would not be back, our lives were changed forever.

Although you passed this way but once you touched our lives, and because of what you said or did, you will remain in our hearts forever.

Thinking so much of you today has bought much comfort to us all. Some day we will enter those special gates knowing you will be there waiting for us. You will then take us by the hand and lead us into the kingdom of heaven.

V. E. Rummey


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