Hoboken PBA thanks the public

Dear Editor:

I wish to take the opportunity to thank all the citizens of both Hoboken and the surrounding communities who offered food and water to the men and women of the Hoboken Police Department on duty during the Blackout Emergency on August 14, 2003.

It is because of these kind gestures of concern and appreciation that helps continue to motivate the members of the Hoboken Police Department and proudly serve the residents of Hoboken during both times of emergency and regular police duties.

During the Blackout crisis, the Hoboken Police Department assigned over a dozen patrolmen to vital traffic posts throughout the City. These posts were to ensure that both vehicle and pedestrian traffic flowed safely and smoothly, and that police were visibly available to assist the public with either information or directions. These Officers maintained their traffic posts for 10 hours straight, battling extreme heat, fatigue and yet managed to keep order during the chaos created by the overwhelming vehicle and pedestrian traffic numbering in the thousands. Other communities suffered a surge in crime and vehicle accidents during the Blackout, but Hoboken has none due to our efforts.

We are sometimes congratulated and praised by our elected City officials immediately following such life threatening and overwhelming circumstances. But to date we have not received any such accolades for our efforts during the Blackout. Be that as it may, recognition and appreciation by the public is most important to us, and a kind offering such a bottle of water or a simple thank you, is worth more to the men and women of the Hoboken Police Department than a medal or award from the City.

Our commitment is to you, the citizens of Hoboken, and we will continue to be there to protect and serve you, within the best of our abilities always. We are your police department and take enormous pride in serving the citizens of this great Mile Square City.

Your continued support and appreciation of your police department and the Hoboken PBA is vital, in helping to make this City the best place to live, work and socialize.

I would like to personally thank all the member of the police department who worked during the Blackout, especially the following officers who worked the difficult traffic posts; PO Steven Aguiar, PO Christopher Hatfield, PO Jonathan Butler, PO Anthony Fesken, PO Jennifer Simone, PO Joseph Mezzina, PO Alejandro Gonzalez, PO Vito Gigante, PO William Collins, PO Nick DeTrizio, PO Jason Falco, PO Thomas O’Connor, PO Bernie Dellafave, PO Pete Zanin, PO Thomas Turner and PO Keith Rotundi.

On behalf of the Hoboken PBA, I applaud and thank both the professionalism of the men and women of the Hoboken Police Department and the many citizens who helped make their job a little bit easier and gratifying.

With sincere appreciation,
Vincent T. Lombardi, President
Hoboken Policemen’s Benevolent Association
Local No. 2