Hoboken Public Library unveils “September 11: Hoboken Remembers’

Dear Editor:

On September 11, 2003, at 6:30 p.m. in the Hoboken Public Library, a book entitled “September 11: Hoboken Remembers” will be unveiled. The book is a collection of essays, poems and recollections on the World Trade Center tragedy by Hoboken and Hudson County residents. As we know, 53 Hoboken residents or former residents, lost their lives at the World Trade Center. The book is being made possible through the generosity of John Wiley & Sons, Inc., the prestigious publishing company that moved to Hoboken last year and has already become a good friend and supporter of the Hoboken Public Library and its programs.

As coordinator of the project, I’m deeply indebted to all the personnel at Wiley’s, particularly Deborah Wiley, for donating their time and publishing this beautiful book. This project was begun soon after the 9/11 disaster and from the beginning, the Friends of the Hoboken Library, on whose board I sat at the time, were very enthusiastic and agreed to sponsor the collection. Lina Podles, head librarian, immediately endorsed the project. The Board of Trustees of the Hoboken Library, on whose board I now sit, were also very enthused. My thanks to all for their support.

This is a beautiful book, full of poignant, heart-warming, sad and lovely essays and poems, all from the heart. We hope that all contributors will be at the library for the unveiling.

After the unveiling, two copies of the book will be placed in the library so that future generations of scholars, students and citizens may read about the feelings of those who experienced the tragedy. The original essays will also become part of the library’s permanent archives.

Arturo Martinez


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