Doesn’t anyone see the parallel?

Dear Editor:

My heart goes out to the many thousands of victims of domestic terrorism. These victims did not choose to die. They were just going about the business of life. Doing what was necessary to sustain life in an environment that to most would seem peaceful and serene.

But the ‘victimizers’ didn’t care. They had their own agenda and nothing and/or no one was going to get in their way. After all, their religious values supported their decision and besides it was something they viewed as absolutely necessary. No other course of action would bring them the results that they so desperately desired.

Many would support and even encourage them. In fact, their government would help and indeed had helped some of them financially to achieve their goal. Their government would even provide ‘armed personnel’ to see that they would be successful in their endeavor.

It’s an evil of monumental proportions that government licenses, mercenary, terroristic killers take over 4,500 innocent human lives each day in our country.

What’s even worse is the apathetic indifference of citizens brought about by careful use of ‘lies’ to convince them that the victims were not even human. It’s that erroneous belief that allows these ‘ritualistic, materialistic, terroristic, serial killers’ to practice their deadly art using chemical poisons and dismemberment.

The victims and their silent screams draw no attention. Its’s the actions of civil rights activists for children before birth that help the public see this evil so that they can ‘speak up’ for those that cannot speak for themselves. Abortionists are terrorists and those that support and condone them are part of this axis of evil. They need to be stopped before another innocent life is murdered.

W. E. Koehler
Project Awareness


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