The final, essential waterfront piece

Dear Editor:

When Arthur Imperatore (raised in West New York) had his historic North Hudson Riverfront Development vision, members of the community attended all planning sessions; offered local input; and opposed high rises that would overcrowd an already densely populated community; and would destroy one of the finest vista/views on Earth-the New York City Skyline/Hudson River Estuary, which was preserved.

Another prime concern raised was fire safety; and all agreed it was a major problem, with fire stations atop the Palisades; and possible fire emergencies at the bottom, along the waterfront.

Now, thanks to Mayor Albio Sires and the West New York Commissioners; and the Town Administrator Richard Turner (also Mayor of Weehawken) and the North Hudson Fire and Rescue, the promise to address this vital public need has been kept, with news that a centrally located fire station will be built on the West New York waterfront, to protect life and property by quick response all the way from northern Hoboken; eastern Union City, Weehawken, West New York, Guttenberg, Palisade General Hospital, North Bergen and southern Edgewater. Well done and well appreciated!

Conclusion: West New York is one of the finest “little” towns around, and has been for years, and its people are proud of it.

John Tomasin, Esq.


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