WIN will expand the good things we have

Dear Editor:

We’ve heard lots from Turner supporters about fear of losing their jobs if WIN is elected. Every WIN candidate and supporter has tremendous respect for all of the valuable and loyal and hard working municipal workers. We hear that people are afraid that if WIN is elected they will lose free recreation for the kids, and Section 8 housing, and rent control. WIN is a great supporter of diversity, it is one of the things that makes our town so special. And WIN will do everything to expand free recreation for kids, with green grass instead of cement; to protect and expand Section 8 housing for low income community members; and to preserve the rent control laws which help to ensure diversity. I am a 25 year member of the New Jersey Tenants Organization and the Weehawken Tenant Association.

We think the Turner campaign is trying to make people afraid and to misinform. They have few real reasons to justify their staying in power for another four years. Many of their projects have taken all of their 12 years in office to accomplish, and so are conveniently happening now that they are being challenged by a tremendous WIN slate of competent people with fresh ideas, lots of energy, broad experience and a willingness to listen to people who don’t agree with them. While Turner is a good administrator, the substance and style of his leadership is similar to that of a ruler. He squashes debate and refuses to compromise on any of “his” ideas. But this is a democracy.

The Waterfront Development is being sold out to the highest bidder. And the majority of folks who will take up residence on the waterfront will be the people with the deepest pockets. Who else will be able to pay the prices which these units will sell for? They will comprise a huge new voting block which will pit their high-priced Waterfront needs and interests directly against those of the rest of the community. We have so much to lose, and it is because of the decisions of the current administration, not the WIN candidates.

They’ve had their run of things, they have become stale and complacent. Enough is enough.

Jo-Anne Chasnow


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