For me, it’s Weehawken and You Team all the way on May 14

Dear Editor:

As a nine year resident of Weehawken, I am writing to express my strong support of the “Weehawken and You” Team (Turner, Terlizzi, Ferullo, Lavignino and Sosa) up for re-election on May 14. Since Richard Turner was appointed Town Manager and later became Mayor, nothing but good things have happened in our town. Mayor Turner and the rest of the Weehawken and You Team is responsible for the following: excellent public schools; the development of senior citizen and affordable housing; an excellent recreation program and upgraded playgrounds; a low crime rate; a state-of-the-art library; a regionalized fire and rescue system; strong fiscal management which has resulted in stable property taxes and a responsible waterfront development plan which includes a safe 11-acre park, a continuous riverfront parkway and buildings which will not block our views of Manhattan.

The Mayor and Council people are accessible and responsive to constituents and are tireless in their efforts to improve life for town residents, often working long hours when they could be with their own families. Our elected officials put forth this level of effort because they are professionals and love this town! The members of the Weehawken and You Team understand the needs of all Weehawken residents, including the most vulnerable, senior citizens, people on fixed incomes, immigrants, and those struggling to get by, not just those of us who are comfortably middle class. The team’s strength lies in their ability to balance the budget, maintain a stable tax base, and to provide programs and services to meet the needs of the community as a whole. Finally, the Weehawken and You Team is well known for soliciting different points of view and making decisions that benefit the greatest number of Weehawken residents.

The WIN candidates no doubt possess significant talents and skills. But, are they up to the very difficult job of running a town? And, can they effectively represent people whose views they don’t share or understand? I don’t believe that the WIN team comes close to matching Weehawken and You’s dedication, track record of putting that commitment into action and understanding of the needs of all Weehawken residents. Nor can WIN match the Weehawken and You Team’s experience in public service and experience in financial management. On May 14, voters should decide which group of candidates is best qualified to run the town and which group will best serve their interests. For me, the choice is easy; it’s the Weehawken and You Team all the way.

Pascale Nijhof


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