Seeking some answers before the election

Dear Editor:

The current administration deserves praise for the recreation programs and the improvements in public education. But I believe that waterfront developers have exerted undue influence in Weehawken, as they have in neighboring towns. Let’s consider the following questions:

1. Why are boat commuters forced to risk our lives dodging buses and speeding cars when we walk to the boat? Where are the sidewalks, crosswalks and traffic lights? Will the situation improve once the terminal moves and trains are added to the confusion?

2. Why were the waterfront playing fields promised to our children given back to the Blue building owners to expand their parking lot? Where is the pedestrian access to that section of the waterfront?

3. Why was our graceful Palisade staircase to the waterfront not restored as originally promised? Why did we have to settle for a rusting prefab stairway?

4. Has the view in West New York been enhanced by the addition of a waterfront high-rise?

5. Has River Road been adequately expanded to accommodate the present and future development in the neighboring towns to the North?

6. Do we believe that fire protection has been responsibly considered in the wake of Edgewater’s disastrous fire?

Why has so much been compromised and given back to riverfront developers? I believe we may have been shortchanged and I fear that the massive development underway will ruin everything that makes our town the lovely place it is.

Patricia Tehrani


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