An answer to Ms. Humphrey’s ‘sore loser’ diatribe

Dear Editor:

Allow me to answer the “sore loser” diatribe forwarded to your paper by Ms. Gayle Humphrey criticizing the “Weehawken and You” rally and the politics of the current Weehawken administration.

A rally is a “feel good” get together, not a forum for issues. Maybe Ms. Humphrey’s “real issue” is that over 600 residents turned out for the Weehawken and You rally while only about 60 people showed up to meet the WIN candidates (at $30 a head I might add), which she supports.

She claims “you can’t put thumbtack in the library wall” without Turner’s approval. Well hooray for Mayor Turner. After we spent millions of dollars renovating our beautiful new library, I don’t want anyone putting thumbtacks in its wall. That’s not meddling, that’s good government and the safeguarding of public property.

She drones on and on about innocuous non-issues. Listen closely to these WIN candidates and supporters. They don’t talk about tax stability, our excellent school system, our safe and clean neighborhoods and all the improvements that have been made in Weehawken. They talk about mayoral control and how the council doesn’t oppose the mayor on any issues. Maybe, if they took the time during these past 12 years to attend a council meeting or a school board meeting, they would have heard the various issues being discussed with differing points of view. Just because the mayor and council come up with a consensus stand on an issue doesn’t mean that it came without debate or disagreement. But they haven’t attended a meeting nor have they been involved in this community before this campaign.

Victor Barone


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