A thankful wife

Dear Editor:

I am writing to express how overwhelmed I am by the intelligence, thoughtfulness, and consideration of Weehawken’s residents.

My husband, Dr. Ben Goldman, is running for councilman-at-large on the WIN ticket, along with four other fine hardworking candidates: Areilly Laszlo (councilwoman at large), Robert Terhune (1st ward candidate), Karen Brady (2nd ward candidate), and John Hubbard (3rd ward candidate). Every day Ben tells me about all the wonderful, concerned and caring people he meets in every Weehawken neighborhood and from all backrounds. I have campaigned with Ben and other candidates and have seen for myself the huge support we have. Many, many people in Weehawken will vote for WIN because it is truly time for a change. And many fine folks are seriously considering voting for WIN, and are eager to learn more about us before making their decision. Daily I am invigorated by the open-mindedness and, yes, the beauty of Weehawken’s residents.

Before entering politics, I knew that Weehawken was the right place for our family to put down roots and raise our two children. This belief has been deepened considerably as we’ve met so many of our neighbors. And I am especially grateful to our hundreds of volunteers, who are working hard so that everyone hears our message. Thank you Weehawken, and God bless!

Lois Goldman


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